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The Art of Story Telling

As an apiring artist living in Florence, Italy, I was constantly drawing and writing in my sketebook, but one day, I decided to change the way I was creating the pages of my stories. Tired of looking at things in the traditional way we read a book, the top to bottom and left to right organization of words and images, I changed the direction of my sentences, so they moved all over the page with total freedom. Then, I began to draw my pictures in different directions and over lapping them, too.  Suddenly, I was writing about my adventures with a new sense of excitment as I challanged the way we can write a story. Now, my pages weren't just a collection of my thoughts, but a playground for my imagination. It was no longer just a book to read, but a puzzle to explore as the reader would need to travel across the page and turn the book in multiple directions in oreder to follow the story. One page became 4 as the reader turned it and turned it. As I incorporated the imagery to go along with the story, I used abstract and representaional images to inspire the imagination of the reader.

Over time as I continued to develop my style as an artist and experiment with different ideas in the art of story telling, I made multiple books. Naturally, the content of my stories reflected the life of the times and the different places I lived. Moving back home to Miami, Florida and moving to South Miami Beach, my artwork began to incorporate the wildly beautiful colors of South Beach and it's unique community of cultures. As I spent countless hours staring into the ocean watching the waves move in and out on the tide, movement and fluidity became a major theme in my style of artwork.

Becoming a father would forever change who I was as a man, but also who I was becoming as an artist which quickly lead to the birth of my idea for a childrens book. As I wrote about my adventures with my son and the times I wish he was with me, the pages of my book were alive like never before. Now, everything I had been experimenting with in all my books came together and I was determined to make a book that would inspire kids who don't like to read, to read. Having dyslexia and not being very good at reading, I could relate to someone who was not interested in reading  and made my stories more than just words and pictures. My idea of a book is a playground for the imagination, a puzzle for the mind to put together that incorporates the subconscious and the conscious mind, as well  as, becoming at physical activity by using the hands to move the book around and around. By engaging more of the senses as you read a story, the ability to learn and expand creativity is greatly accelerated and limitless.

Miami Marine Stadium Seat Project

"Poseidon's Throne"

A reclamation of one of South Florida's lost treasures is the inspiration for this Miami Marine Stadium seat. I want to have the exciting feeling of finding something that was once lost, like a diver finding a sunken ship covered by a coral reef and forgotten in time. The seat is also a symbol of the transformation from one life to the next. As the roar of the crowds silenced and the seats became a depiction of lost dreams, the wild life reclaimed the theater and the stadium is now a gallery of cutting edge graffiti. By adorning the seat with only the most beautiful pieces of coral like, Boulder, Brain, Elkhorn, Fire, Star and Rare Rose corals, it becomes a celebration of what makes the Miami Marine Stadium so spectacular, the ocean.

Exibition date March 2019

A collection of 40 Marine Stadium seats that have been recreated with each individual artist's own imagination will debut in the city of Miami, Florida with the goal of bring awareness to the preservation and restoration of the stadium itself.

special projects

Designing the Future

Independent candidate, Mayra Joli, who is running to replace Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's seat in Congress this November 2018, needed a logo that would catch the attention of her voters and represent her lovely character in a unique way. So, I used her unwavering patriotism and high energy attitude as a theme and made her message one from the heart. 

A collection of top street artists create works in a coloring book.

Murals and paintings from 150 of the top street artist from around the world are transform into black and white templates for the inspiring artist in everyone to color in their own style. The most liked collection of 2018, was the "Love Series" were chosen to represent my style.

Road to Success

Top 6 Emerging Artist in Wynwood 2017

One of six artist celebrated as the hottest emerging artist in Wynwood 2017. Each artist painted live as the festival roared with live DJ's, fashion shows and performers for three days. 

Transit Loves The Arts

Miami Dade County Transit and Transit Loves The Arts collaboration with top Miami artists.

One of fifteen artists selected to have their artwork put on a bus for one year to promote Miami Dade County's bus program. As the traffic begins to become more and more congested, MDC is trying to encourage the use of mass transit and to get the attention of the comunity, they chose eye catching artwork to invite the public to ride in style.

Artist of the Year

C.C.A. Costal Conservation Association artist of the year 2016

In 2016, "Fowey Light Surprise" was choosen as the featured artwork for all marketing material, limited edition prints and exclusive active wear. The originbal painting was put up for auction to raise funds to continue to preserve the enviroment for gerenations to come.